Squirreltopia Guide


Thanks for buying Squirreltopia!


The Squirrel population is in trouble!
Shadow-tail, an evil, robotic squirrel has kidnapped squirrels and stolen all the gems and magic acorns from Squirreltopia!
Get them back and defeat his powerful machines to take back your planet and prevent squirrel extinction!


-Play Easy: Start game on Easy, there will be level checkpoints (on most levels), but you will not be able to earn time trophies.
-Play Hard: Start game on Hard, if you get a good enough time, you can earn tiem trophies.
-Level Menu: You can re-play any beaten level from here. It's also the place to view all your level times and items
-Minigames: There are hidden minigame-cartridges across Squirreltopia. If you can find them, you may acess special minigames.
-Stats: View basic stats, such as squirrel deaths and bubbles-popped
-Options: Change things like controller/KB settings and whether music will play
-Quit: Exit and Save the game


There are 5 worlds, each with 10 levels and a boss.
The goal is to beat the levels (earning gems) and collect acorns.
To fight a boss, you need a certain # of gems (shown above boss door).
Once a boss is defeated, you will get the boss key that opens up the next world and destroys any matching locks.

There are 15 magic acorns in the game, with 3 per world. Their mysterious use is unknown.
Beating a level fast enough will give you a Time Trophy.
Try to get all gems, trophies, and acorns for a special suprise!

Throughout the worlds, there are many obstacles, some are dangerous, and some may help you on your journey....

Good Luck!


Sean Davy