Dog-based Simulation / Exploration / Survival Become a randomized dog in a randomized house and survive the harsh domestic life! Explore the city and interact with the world to discover items and secrets. Play, eat, drink, and sleep, remember to take care of yourself!

Currently 75,937,500 possible dog combinations

- Virtually unlimited combinations of dogs and houses
- Get enough food, water, fun, exercise and sleep to stay healthy and alive
- Enjoy the effects of special powerups like iced coffee or roller skates
- Pee on stuff!
- Minimalistic interface, no clunky menus or clutter
- Tons of toys to play with
- Day/night cycle
- Find and collect records to access new music for your stereo

- Take control of labs, robot dogs, aliens dogs, huskies, hover dogs, VR dogs and more!
- Embrace yourself and level up or delete yourself and start a fresh life as a new dog in a new home

- Rob a dogfood warehouse and never go hungry again
- Go for a walk, but watch out for cars
- Play frisbee and herd sheep
- Dig for bones and money
- Visit the arcade to play Bone-♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and other retro classics
- Explore the cemetery and try to uncover secrets, beware of ghost dogs

- Change your collar
- Go to the Paw and Spray for a new coat of color

- Use your hard-earned dogcoin to buy gadgets, art, and more for your home
- Buy an old cheap tube TV, or save up for a plasma
- Purchase a range of stereos from boomboxs to electrostatic towers
- Go to Dog Depot to modify your wallpaper, floors, doors, windows to suit your style
- Visit Barkbuy (petstore) to buy a new bed, food bowls and more!

- Arrow Keys ----- Move dog
- Space ------------ Action
- B ------------------ Bark
- CTRL ------------ Pee / Weapon
- Shift -------------- Randomize house layout

- If a dog can build it, you can run it
- Windows (other platforms coming soon - price includes access to all versions)

(subject to change)
- more minigames + sports
- more toys
- more breeds
- more record/music
- more gadgets
- other towns/areas/stores
- more powerups/times
- Dog mech(s)

A percentage of profits may go towards allowing me to keep a dog.
Thanks for your support.