NOTE: Animal Nebula is an Early WIP. Content shown here may change.
Game will be released on PC first, then other platforms and consoles.

  • Cast of furry, cool animals to play as, each with their own feel
  • Switch between any animal you can get next to!
  • Tons of collectables and secrets
  • Play animal-specific minigames to get highscores and hone your skills.
  • Dynamic Music will change based on your area and if you are underwater
  • Bunny-hop ability allows you to traverse quickly across worlds at the expense of accuracy   
  • Dogglo: Wizz on your enemies, piss out fires, and/or everything else!
  • Sheep : Light as cotton & can float on air currents,
  • Shelldome: Sink to the bottom of water and explore aquatic areas with ease. Hard shell prevents damage
  • Rabbit: This bouncy guy can run fast and jump high. Use his special bunyn hop ability to gain speed with each jump
  • Wingo: Can Flap & Fly
  • Catti: This cool cat can Double Jump in midair
  • Tuxeo: Slip across nnow and water. your wings are useless
  • Camel: A humpy, furry guy who can spit pretty damn far
  • And many more!
  • Wood Isle: A sunny retreat with wooded hills. Home to a special lighthouse and the biggest tree in the Nebula
  • Stardust Graveyard: This dark and foggy area has a cemetery, church and a gigantic, mysterious mansion. Can you unlock all the secrets within it?
  • Carnival: This neon-lit mechanical playground is just as fun as it is dangerous. Bumper Cars, Ferris Wheel, and tons of cool games and rides await!
  • Solar Desert: An Ancient, sandy world that will have you climbing pyramids, jumping over lava, and entering dusty temples.
  • Glacier Snowland: Snowy Paradise (at least if you are a penguin). Igloos, ice slides, and a comfy winter town await you on this planet.
  • HUB City: The overworld where you find and enter new levels
  •     >Each level has 100 orbs to collect, these are needed to unlock new level portals in the overworld.
  •     >Collect Gold Records hidden in the worlds to play your music in your homestereo in the townhouse
  •     >Collect retro cartridges to unlock minigames
  •     >Destroy robo animals to collect coins. use these to purchase stuff in the overworld, like art for your home, food, and powerups